Gallery: Pool Decks

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Belgard Dublin Cobble Paver Pool Deck

Interlocking paving stones from Belgard provide built-in drainage and erosion control capabilities, these Dubblin Cobble pavers are an ideal material for poolside applications.

Paver Pool Deck Featuring Belgard's Holland Stone Collection

Interlocking pavers from reputable manufacturers such as the Belgard Holland shown here, add incredible value and provide a high-traction poolside surface.

Mega-Bergerac from Belgard Used on Pool Deck

Available in as many styles, colors, and textures as you can imagine, pavers provide the most customization for your pool decking surface.

Pool Decks with Pavers from Nicolock in Normal and Olde Town

Create the perfect pool deck with interlocking pavers from Nicolock. Random mixing of contrasting colors adds an attractive platform to protect and enjoy your pool.

Rustico Golden Brown Blend from Nicolock Used on Pool Deck

These Nicolock Rustico Pavers shift with the natural rhythms of the soil, and are easy to repair or replace. They’re also simple to install, cost-effective and visually attractive.

Paver Pool Deck Featuring Nicolock Crab Orchard Blend in I Pattern

Use interlocking pavers with accents and borders of natural stone, or a poured-in-place perimeter of durable, coordinated pool decking material.